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Finishing Equipment
  • 3 Sheet Polishing Lines
  • 1 Coil Polishing Line
  • 1 Plate Polishing Machine
  • 2 Mirror Polishing Machines
  • 4 Architectural Polishing Machines

Excelsior's Variety of Finishes and Sizes Includes:

AISI/ASM Finishes:

No.3, No.4,, No 7, No 8

Proprietary Finishes: Architectural No. 4
XL No. 5
XL Appliance
XL Architectural No.4
XL Blend 'S'
XL Buff
XL Buff "N" Brush
XL Embossed
XL Hairline
XL Mirror
XL Satin-Blend
XL Suede
XL Supreme 8
XL Transit

Processing Range: Stainless: .018 – .135 x 18” – 60” in coil or sheet form

Aluminum: .024 – .165 x 36”/48”/60” sheet form

Copper/Brass/Other: .021 – .125 x 36”/48” sheet form

Specifying Excelsior (XL) ensures quality you can count on – beyond any of a doubt.


Excelsior Steel Processing Ltd. offers you the finest finishes in North America for stainless and non-ferrous metals – backed by unrivaled experience and expertise in delivering what you need – and more! At Excelsior, we put our critical eye to work for you before, during and after processing – to protect your reputation for quality in your end products. We pre-inspect all incoming steel for rolled and/or metallurgical defects. We remove defective sheet, or flag affected areas of the coil for you. With state-of-the-art equipment in the hands of skilled Excelsior craftsmen we condition, polish, wash and then re-inspect your product again before coating, packaging and shipping. Excelsior's wide variety of finishes include:

    The standard commercial polished finishes available in the North American market. While generally defined in industry literature, these finishes exhibit a wide variety of interpretations from one polisher to the other. Purchasers & specifiers are advised to familiarize themselves with the source of the polished finish that will be applied to their order – (or avoid the problem by specifying Excelsior everytime!).
    These finishes are everything you need them to be! From coloured to patterned to customer specified textures, Excelsior responds to your requirements, on demand.
    Excelsior proprietary finishes have been developed in response to specific demands from Architects and other quality conscious sectors of the marketplace. With constant emphasis on highest quality and consistency of product, these are the very best metal finishes available.


NO 3: 100 mesh intermediate finish.
  • Used where a semifinished polished surface is sufficient
NO 4: 120-150 mesh finish applied to a pre-conditioned sheet using abrasive belts and lubricating oils.
  • Gives a desirable smooth sanitary appearance
  • Uniform commercial finish which is highly versatile
  • Used extensively in food, dairy and pharmaceutical process equipment
NO 7: Produced with fine abrasives to 320 Grit with heavy lubricant.
  • Final finish is a semi-mirror without removing grit lines
  • Used chiefly for architectural trim and ornamental purposes
  • Special industrial application used where a very fine finish is required
NO 8: Most reflective of the AISI/ASM finishes.
  • Obtained by polishing with successively finer abrasives and buffing with special compounds
  • Mirror surface is largely free of grit lines from preliminary grinding


Developed in response to specific demands from Architects and other quality conscious sectors of the marketplace. Constant emphasis is on the highest quality and consistency of products, which makes ours the very best metal finishes available.

XL Appliance: The newest proprietary finish ensures maximum consistency in an abrasive finish.
  • Developed in response to growing demand for color and texture consistency from sheet to sheet and coil to coil
  • Produced in the highest architectural standard and is thoroughly inspected
XL Architectural NO. 4:
  • Ideal for most architectural applications
XL Blend 'S': Preferred choice for all high traffic applications.
  • Reparable brushed finish suitable for elevator doors, lobbies, etc.

  • Soil resistant and an easy-to-clean surface
  • Superior color matching; low in reflectivity
  • Finish can be repaired in service, or to eliminate fabrication damage
XL Buff: Popular for architectural and vehicle trim applications.
  • Superior quality to AISI No. 8 finish
  • Exhibits a very slight directionality in the mirror finish
XL Buff 'N' Brush: Combination of a brushed and mirror surface in your custom pattern.
  • Suitable for elevator doors, lobbies, doors, security desks or anywhere you wish to add some design detail to your project
  • Architectural applications requiring a striking contrast in design detail
XL Coloured Stainless: Consistent colour from sheet to sheet.
  • Available in a wide spectrum of standard colours
  • Used in striking architectural panel and trim applications, as well as for signage
  • Involves electrochemical treatment of the stainless revealing beautiful colours through the phenomenon of light interference
XL Grit Finishes:
  • Custom developed and produced to specified abrasive grits
XL Hairline: Our most uniformed abrasive Long Grain abrasive finish.
  • Abrasive finish in coil form
  • Exhibits a long, straight grain from end to end in the coil
XL RA Finishes:
  • Custom developed and produced to specified RA ranges
XL Satin Blend: Ultra smooth finish.
  • Developed for the transportation industry, Satin Blend exhibits fine grain that sheds road salt, dirt and debris
XL Suede: Uniform, non-directional abrasive architectural finish.
  • Exhibits smooth, dull, randomly abraded satin finish
  • Less prone to soiling and easier to maintain in service
  • Provides a stunningly beautiful contrast to high reflectivity
    mirror finishes in architectural applications
XL Supreme 8: The ultimate mirror finish.
  • Produced on specialized equipment using exclusive grinding and polishing media resulting in a perfect mirror
  • Totally non-directional
XL Transit: Beauty and Consistency.
  • Long grain finish developed by Excelsior for the Architectural and Transportation industry
  • Incorporates all of the finest features of XL Hairline
  • Exhibits a duller, smoother straighter-line finish

Excelsior will provide individual samples upon request.