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As North Americas premier Toll Processor of specialty metals, we are uniquely equipped to offer unrivaled advantages in production flexibility and inventory cycle time management – to the steel mills and service centres we serve, worldwide.

The Excelsior difference is twofold: Unlike steel service centres, we are exclusively a TOLL PROCESSOR, with no inventory of our own. We process stainless, aluminum, red metals and carbon steel exclusively on dedicated lines to prevent contamination from one metal to another and therefore provide the ultimate in quality.

Our role in the supply chain is simply to provide value added services. We process customer owned product under special contact – efficiently and cost-effectively, on a just-in-time basis: convert your coil to a product of your choice (cut, leveled, blanked, polished or non-polished, protective coated) – to order as needed.

Customized Toll Processing Inventory Management software ensure full and accurate traceability of product progress, ease if supply needs forecasting and timely delivery to you or your customer.
Stainless :           .018 - .135       24" - 60"
Aluminum :          .024 - .165       24" - 60"
Red Metals :        .021 - .125       24" - 60"

Stainless :              .024 - .140
Aluminum :             .024 - .187
Red Metals :           .030 - .187
*Maximum Lenght: 14'
* Tolerance 14' + or - .005