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Excelsior's 130,000 sq. ft. warehouse provides strategic location as well as a climate controlled facility to store your coils prior to production. Whether you are looking for an off-shore or North American source for storage, Excelsior can serve your needs. Located in Toronto, Ontario, Excelsior has access to road, rail and ship and is within a day’s drive of the major industrial markets in North America.

What do we warehouse:
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum coils
  • Red metals

Size of coils - 30' to 72' and up to 80, 000 lbs.

Storing System

Coils are handled with Excelsior's 80,000 lbs. computer operated crane. Coils are sorted and arranged in single, double or triple stacks depending on size and weight. The crane can easily identify coils by their outside diameter and bar coding. With Excelsior's computer operated crane no operator is required guaranteeing your product and product information is never compromised.

Inventory Control

Excelsior's computerized crane system provides complete inventory control and provides customer with up to date printouts.

From Warehouse to Production

With our warehouse conveniently connected to our production facility, coils can be loaded onto an in plant transfer car and proceed directly to our production line avoiding damage due to extra shipping/handling or exposure to the elements.